JDZ-RFW-380 Automatic Flow Wrapping Machine

The main performance and structural features of Automatic Flow Wrapping Machine:

Host servo speed regulation: The host adopts zero servo motor speed regulation, which can be suitable for various packaging materials.

Programmable control: PLC programmable controller is used to program the operation of the whole machine.

Touch screen: machine speed, set bag length, actual bag length, and packaging output will be displayed on the touch screen, which is clear at a glance.

Automatic fault diagnosis: The automatic fault diagnosis display is clear at a glance. Electric eye color mark tracking: automatic tracking, so that the mark is fast and accurate.

Three groups of automatic temperature: Each heating part is automatically controlled by a temperature controller to improve the sealing quality.

Adjustable bag maker: suitable for a variety of packaging materials.

Automatic Folding Device: The overlap height of the aluminum-plastic medicine plate of the capsule can be folded and packaged at 20-55mm.

Equipped with servo feeder: the number of plates can be set to 1-5 plates.

The scope of application of Automatic Flow Wrapping Machine:

High Speed Flow-pack Wrapping Machine

Automatic Flow Wrapping Machine is professionally used for the packaging of capsule plates, tablet plates, and moisture-proof bags similar to aluminum-plastic blister plates.

Production speed 40-130 bags/minute
Bag size Length 80-160mm, width 40-80mm, thickness 1-60mm
Unfolding width of packaging film 80-400mm
Packaging material Aluminum film, aluminized film, composite film, etc.
Packaging material thickness The best thickness of 3-7 wire
Rated frequency 50Hz
Air compressor >0.15³/min
Rated voltage 220V
Total power 3.5kg
Machine weight 1100kg
Dimensions 3700x 970x 1700mm (L*W*H)

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