JDZ-120 III Fully Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine for Blister

A cartooning machine, at times referred to as a cartoner, is one of the types of pharmaceutical packaging machines.

Its primary purpose is to make cartons.

A cartoning machine makes cartons that stand upright, are folded, closed, side-seamed, and then, finally sealed.

JDZ-120III Fully Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine for Blister is the intermittent motion, with speed up tp 30-120 cartons/min.

Fully automatic horizontal cartoning machine is a new type of machine developed by our company in combination with advanced technology at home and abroad. It is a high-tech product integrating light, electricity, gas and machinery. As a result, the equipment performance and work efficiency have been greatly improved, the requirements of fast boxing are realized, and the stable and reliable state is still maintained during fast operation.

This model is suitable for automatic feeding and boxing of blister shaped articles. The automatic feeding mechanism is easy to adjust, and the number of plates to be boxed can be set arbitrarily on the operation screen. Online blister plate detection, manual folding (1 to 4 folds) and transmission, manual detection, carton suction forming and transmission, material into the box, imprinting batch number, paper tongue packaging at both ends of the carton (hot melt adhesive can also be used) , Lack of material removal and finished product output are all automatically completed. Some customer will adopt the inkjet printer, hot melt glue device, GUK leaflet folding device. If the leaflet is folded, we can make a leaflet hopper for folded leaflet.

Scope of application fully automatic horizontal cartoning machine:

Aluminum-plastic plate, aluminum-plastic-aluminum and similar items.

Features of fully automatic horizontal cartoning machine:

PLC automatic control system, frequency conversion speed regulation, electrical components are adopted

Use internationally renowned brands.

Using man-machine interface operating system.

Mechanical overload will stop automatically.

Automatically reject cartons that lack packaging and instructions.

Fault display, alarm and finished product count.

Stable performance and easy to understand operation.

Fully Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine

The main technical parameters JDZ-120 III Fully Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine
Packing speed 30-120 boxes/min
Carton Quality requirements 250-350g/m² [depending on the size of the carton]
Size range (70-180)mm×(35-80)mm×(14-50)mm
Manual Quality requirements 60-70g/m²
Unfolded size range (80-250)mm×(90-170)mm
Folding range 【1-4】Fold
Compressed air Work pressure ≥0.6Mpa
Air consumption 120-160L/min
power supply 220V 50Hz
main motor power 0.75kw
Dimensions 3100mm×1100mm×1550mm
Net weight of whole machine About 1400kg

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