JPK-760 Blister Packing/Cartoning/Film Bundling Machine Line

JPK-760 Blister Packing/Cartoning/Film Bundling Machine Line, which integrates blister forming, material filling, testing, composite sealing, pattern punching, boxing, etc. of drugs, food, medical equipment, health products, electronic components, etc. Integrated production flow of waste removal and bundling.

Blister Packing/Cartoning/Film Bundling Machine Line is included the blister packing machine, cartoning machine and the film bundling mahcine.

JPK-760 Blister Packing/Cartoning/Film Bundling Machine Line

technical parameters of f Blister Packing/Cartoning/Film Bundling Machine:

The main technical parameters JDZ-450
Packing speed 450 boxes/min
Carton Quality requirements 350g/m² [depending on the size of the carton]
Size range (70-180)mm×(35-80)mm×(14-50)mm
Manual Quality requirements 60g/m²
Unfolded size range (80-250)mm×(90-170)mm
Folding range 【1-4】Fold
Compressed air Work pressure ≥0.6Mpa
Air consumption 220-240L/min
power supply 380V 50Hz
main motor power 4.5kw
Dimensions 4800mm×1800mm×2000mm
Net weight of whole machine About 5500kg
The main technical parameters JD-DPH-260S
Maximum punching speed 150 times/min (or 8.8 meters)
Maximum forming depth 14mm
Maximum forming area 180*250mm(L*W)
PVC (thickness * width) (0.25-0.35) x 260mm
Aluminum foil PTP (thickness * width) 0.02*260mm
Outer diameter of PVC coil <Φ380mm
PTP coil outer diameter <Φ260mm
PVC& PTP core aperture Φ68-75mm
Dimensions 3550*1100*1950mm
weight 220kg
Installed power 24kw 380V/50Hz (according to customer requirements)
The main technical parameters JD-K760
Packing size (80-260)*(20-200)*(40-120)mm(L*W*H)
Use packaging materials PE film
Applicable cable tie gauge 35-60mm
Bundling film thickness 50*80um
Binding speed 40 bundles/minute
Power supply 220V/50Hz
equipment power 800W
working pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Displacement 0.3m³/min
Dimensions 1780*800*1750mm(L*W*H)
Conveying size 1120*200*850mm (transport height 800mm, bottom angle 80mm adjustable)
total weight 600kg

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