Daily Maintenance of Automatic Box Sealing Machine

First of all, daily maintenance of automatic box sealing machine requires professional personnel. Daily maintenance of automatic box sealing machine is a highly professional work that must be carried out by professionals. In addition to solid theoretical knowledge, professionals should also have rich practical experience, be able to find the faults of the equipment in a timely and accurate manner, and be able to make timely and effective treatments to make equipment maintenance work smoothly.

Daily maintenance of automatic box sealing machine is to maintain the normal performance of the equipment and reduce machine failures. From a short-term point of view, it cannot bring obvious impetus to the improvement of production efficiency. To increase the total production volume, long-term and stable equipment maintenance is also necessary to show the importance of equipment maintenance. Therefore, equipment maintenance should be taken as a long-term task.

Introduction to Daily Maintenance of Automatic Box Sealing Machine method

1. It is preventive maintenance. As the name implies, preventive maintenance is maintenance performed to prevent malfunctions. There are two basic elements. Periodic inspections of equipment for discovering the occurrence of shutdowns or other failures can be excluded in the initial stage if the above-mentioned conditions are adjusted or repaired.

2. It is routine maintenance. That is, daily or weekly equipment inspection, cleaning, adjustment, lubrication, parts replacement and other activities. This is to prevent equipment aging, delay the aging rate, extend the service life of the equipment, and effectively reduce repair costs.

3. Is to improve maintenance. When equipment breaks down, in addition to repairing the equipment, the overall improvement of the equipment should be carried out, such as changing the design and improving the materials, so as to enhance the operation ability of the equipment and bring convenience to future maintenance operations. The improvement of equipment is not only necessary for maintenance, but also according to production requirements.

4. It is maintenance prevention. Equipment maintenance is not the ultimate goal, but an activity to meet the requirements of production and maintain the utilization rate of equipment. Basically, it is hoped that the equipment performance can be improved during the design and manufacturing stage of the equipment, and the design does not require maintenance. , Equipment that requires little repair or is easy to repair in case of failure, reducing the workload of equipment maintenance.

Daily Maintenance of Automatic Box Sealing MachineDaily Maintenance of Automatic Box Sealing Machine detailed operation

1. The machine should be kept clean, wipe and lubricate the rotating parts frequently.

2. The cam mechanism and transmission chain parts should be lubricated every 15-40 working hours. It is recommended to use mechanical oil of grade 50 (kinematic viscosity 47~53mm2/S50℃). Grease should be added every three months to the gear mesh. It is recommended to use calcium-based grease, grade ZG-1 or ZG-2.

3. Synchronous toothed belts and transmission belts should avoid contact with oil to avoid reducing their service life.

4. To ensure that the cartoning machine can work normally and reliably, it should be shut down every three months to check the tension of the transmission chain and the tightness of the transmission parts, and re-adjust and tighten if necessary.

5. The filter screen of the glue machine and the filter screen of the gun seat should be cleaned regularly, and cleaned every 3-4 months in an 8-hour system. Please turn off the pressure of the glue machine before cleaning

6. After the failure occurs, it should be carefully analyzed and repaired and eliminated by the relevant mechanics. It is forbidden to adjust and disassemble randomly to avoid damage to the parts.

The above is the method and detailed operation of the daily maintenance of automatic box sealing machine

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