Detailed Introduction of the Features of High-speed Automatic Cartoning Machine

The high-speed automatic cartoning machine adopts PLC to control the photoelectricity to monitor the actions of each part. It automatically rejects unqualified items during operation. If abnormalities occur, it can automatically stop and display the reason for troubleshooting in time. The high-speed automatic cartoning machine can be used alone or with foam The cover packaging machine and its hot melt device or other equipment are used in conjunction to form a complete production line.

The more important step of the high-speed automatic cartoning machine is the opening of the box after the box is sucked. Some equipment will add an auxiliary mechanism for opening the box at the opening of the box, so that the force of the machine will not be too large when the box is opened, and the box will be folded and deformed. Folding the carton in advance can effectively prevent the deformation of the carton when it is opened.

Detailed introduction of the features of high-speed automatic cartoning machineFeatures of high-speed automatic cartoning machine

1. The main drive has an overload protection device
2. The product will stop automatically when the box is not in place, the PLC will automatically display the fault, and the shutdown alarm will display the machine operation and maintenance mode
3. It is convenient to change the specifications of different products
4. PLC automatically displays the boxing speed and finished product count

High-speed automatic cartoning machine is precisely controlled, automatic memory parameter setting function, parameterized control production, simple operation and labor saving. The high-speed automatic cartoning machine complies with relevant national food and drug safety and sanitation laws and regulations. It is widely used in food, medicine and other industries. Made of stainless steel and high-grade aluminum profiles, anti-corrosion, easy to clean, beautiful in appearance, and durable. Mature technology, innovative design, energy saving and high efficiency.

The high-speed automatic cartoning machine has wide applicability, adjustable material conveyor belt and box sealing guide, no need to replace accessories when changing products, wide compatibility, convenient and quick adjustment, and can be connected to production lines to form a fully automated production line.

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