Do You Know How to Debug The Automatic Cartoning Machine?

With the continuous development of automation technology, most companies choose automated packaging machinery for product packaging in order to save costs and improve production efficiency. The automatic cartoning machine is a kind of automatic machinery. The automatic cartoning machine adopts packaging forms such as automatic feeding, box opening, boxing, box sealing, and waste rejection. The structure is compact and reasonable, and the operation and adjustment are simple; it is widely used in many fields. Effectively improve the production efficiency of enterprises.
Automatic cartoning machine is a high-tech product integrating light, electricity, gas and machine. Suitable for automatic boxing of a variety of products. The working process is the conveying of items; the carton is automatically opened and conveyed, and the materials are automatically loaded into the carton; and the complicated packaging process such as paper tongues at both ends is completed.

So how to debug the automatic cartoning machine?

After the installation of the automatic cartoning machine is completed, first debug the machine, turn on the power supply, turn on the power switch of the control panel, the emergency stop switch button, and check whether the parameters of the cartoning machine display screen are normal.

how to debug the automatic cartoning machine
Packing box size adjustment: Mainly adjust the carton frame, the adjustment of the box chain, according to the size of the carton, the size of the box frame, the length, width, and height of the chain.
1. Put the carton we want to adjust on the box base, and then adjust the guides of the box base to be close to each side of the box. Keep the box stable without falling.
2. Carton length adjustment: Put the sealed carton on the delivery conveyor belt, and then adjust the right hand wheel so that the cartoning machine conveyor belt and the edge of the carton can be in contact.
3. Carton width adjustment: First loosen the two sprocket screws outside the main chain. Then put a paper box in the middle of the chain and adjust the width of the chain to be the same as the width of the box. Then tighten the sprocket screw at the back.
4. Carton height adjustment: Loosen the front and back two fastening screws of the upper pressure rail first, and then turn the upper handwheel to make the upper rail and the upper surface of the carton contact the rail. Then tighten the fixing screws.
5. Adjusting the size of the unloading compartment: unscrew the fixed bearing screws, place the product in the pusher compartment, move the baffle left and right until it is adjusted to the appropriate size, and then tighten the screws. Note: There are several screw holes on the panel here. Be careful not to screw the wrong screws when adjusting the machine.
After the adjustment of each part is completed, you can start the jog switch on the control panel, and use jog operation for manual debugging such as box opening, suction box, feeding, corner folding, and glue spraying. After the adjustment of each action is completed, the start button can be turned on, and the material can be put on at the end to start normal production.

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