Features of Automatic Cartoning Machine

Speaking of automatic cartoning machines, everyone must have some understanding, which belongs to the category of equipment accessories. It refers to the automatic loading of products and manuals into the folding carton, and the completion of the box cover action. Some of the more fully functional automatic cartoning machines also have additional functions such as sealing labels or heat shrink wrapping. So, what features of automatic cartoning machine is it?

Features of Automatic Cartoning Machine

· Multi-functional boxing operation, all kinds of complex boxing tasks are completed at the same time;

· It does not occupy space and exerts the greatest function;

· Step-by-step movement, double vacuum suction cups to take the box, fast speed and high stability;

· Optional date batch number printer and manual insertion device;

· PLC control, fault removal display device, easy operation;

· The inching device of the machine allows the equipment to move arbitrarily, which is convenient for adjusting boxes of various specifications.

The above is the introduction of the features of automatic cartoning machine.

Features of Automatic Cartoning Machine

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