How many entrances are there for vertical packing machines?

Vertical packing machine feed is generally divided into three entrances: manual entrance, product entrance and machine package box entrance. The entire process from machine-pack box feeding to the final packaging molding can be roughly divided into four stages: unboxing, opening, filling, and closing. The unloading action is usually by a sucker sucking a carton from the carton feeding port, down to the main line of the carton, the carton is fixed by a guide rail and a push plate is used to open the carton, and there will be two The forward-moving card bit rises from below, jams the side of the carton from the front and rear direction, so that the box opens at a right angle and moves forward to the loading area. After filling in the filling area, the mechanism of the machine will fold the ears into the left and right guide rails, and then perform the closing action. The pre-closing mechanism will first bend the tongue of the box, and then a push plate pushes the lid to bend, so that the tongue is inserted into the box and locked. The closing action is a critical action, and the quality of completion has a lot to do with the structure of the carton and the accuracy of the machine adjustment.
timthumb (9)The current common problems of vertical packing machine (1) The speed of the vertical packing machine is limited by the speed of the instructions and the medicine board, and the design should be more reasonable;
(2) The stability of the machine after long-term high-speed operation is relatively poor, and it is required to run smoothly, and servo systems are often used;
(3) The accuracy is not up to the requirements after long-term operation, the synchronization is not good, and the reliability is required to be improved;
(4) The product has low adaptability, its function is relatively single, its adaptability is relatively narrow, and there are stricter regulations on the shape and volume of the medicine to be loaded;
(5) The operation reliability of vertical packing machine equipment is not high, and it needs frequent maintenance which affects the production schedule;
(6) The production efficiency is not high, the running speed is slow, and the degree of automation is not high;
(7) The vertical packing machine is very sensitive to the size deviation of the manual. For example, the size deviation of the manual should be less than ±0.5mm. In daily production, the machine will jam because the manual is thin. Sometimes a slight change in the size of the carton may cause the carton to be difficult to open or jam.


The working principle of the vertical packing machine is as follows:
(1) The vertical packing machine uses an automatic method to put the products into the product conveying ship, which is driven by the conveyor chain;
(2) The detection device detects the products in the conveying ship, controls the paper folding machine, sucks up a manual when appropriate, and folds it to the bottom of the ship with the product to be clamped;
(3) After the detection device detects the products in the ship and the instructions below the ship, it controls the suction box device to suck a box from the box storage rack at an appropriate time, then rotate it to open it, and then transport it to the corresponding belt by the box conveyor chain. The front of the ship with products and instructions;
(4) The vertical packing machine push rod conveyor chain drives the push rod to move. At the same time, the push rod pushes the product and manual into the relevant box under the action of the guide rail. While the box is conveyed to the discharge port of the machine, the relevant parts are Bending, folding, and stuffing, the box is completely sealed, thus completing the entire packaging process.

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