How to distinguish the quality of the automatic horizontal packaging machine?

The automatic horizontal packaging machine is a high-tech product integrating light, electricity, and gas. It can automatically complete manual folding, carton opening, article boxing, batch number printing, and box sealing, so that the equipment performance and work The efficiency has been greatly improved, realizing the requirement of fast cartoning, and maintaining a stable and reliable state during fast operation. It is a classic machine in packaging machinery. Many of its actuators are delicate mechanical actions. If there are quality problems in the four links of machine manufacturing, design, assembly, and configuration, it will cause the machine to run unstable.

timthumb (10) (1) Design quality

In the past few years, the research and development of the fully automatic horizontal packaging machine has remained at the stage of surveying and mapping imitation, and has not yet risen to the level of rational research on key institutions. The original error of surveying and mapping may not reflect the “instability” of movement at low speeds. In the medium and high speeds, there will be incoordination between operating agencies and “instability”. These situations all reflect the “good and bad” difference between the domestic horizontal packaging machine and imported products. The key to solving the problem is the theoretical secondary design.

(2) Manufacturing quality

In a sense, the full-automatic horizontal packaging machine is a complex machine, which includes machinery, electricity, air, light and other technologies in one, from the implementation of the process is “fine grain”. The current overall processing level of the pharmaceutical equipment industry is still at the level of the 1970s, and it is difficult to process high-precision parts. The usual manufacturing technology will cause assembly errors to accumulate and execution errors, which also makes such equipment run at high speeds. The instability and the high rejection rate.

timthumb (11)(3) Configuration quality

The operation synchronization and detection control of modern horizontal packaging machines all depend on control elements such as electricity, air and light. The configuration of the control elements determines the accuracy of the control, and different configurations will present a “worldly difference” situation. In the configuration, high-quality, stable operation, high positioning accuracy servo motor or stepper motor drive and advanced and reliable sensor, encoder, and motor trinity servo drive are adopted. Compared with the general configuration, the actual effect is very different.

(4) Assembly quality

There are many adjustable structures in the automatic horizontal packaging machine. Whether the manual adjustment is reasonable and in place is another key to the success or failure of the automatic horizontal packaging machine. At present, the level of commissioning technicians in the pharmaceutical equipment industry is difficult to compare with other industries, and there are very few people who are truly qualified as technicians. From a certain point of view, no matter how good the design is, if there is no good assembly and debugger, the horizontal cartoning machine can only be half the success.

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