Maintenance Work of Automatic Cartoning Machine

The automatic cartoning machine can load various specifications of medicine boards, food and other small and regular-shaped objects into specific cartons, and transport the finished products. It is easy to operate and has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for the hardware industry, fastener industry, standard parts industry, metal stamping parts, rubber and plastics industry, electronic and electrical industry, decoration accessories, door and window accessories and other industries.Next, let us take a look at the maintenance work of  automatic cartoning machine.

Maintenance work of automatic cartoning machine includes cleaning, tightening, lubrication, and anti-corrosion maintenance. When the seasons change, the cartoning machine needs to undergo seasonal maintenance, including fault detection and maintenance of main systems such as power system, transmission, air pressure, and control. This article mainly tells you how to maintain the automatic cartoning machine.

Maintenance Work of Automatic Cartoning Machine


1) Lubricate the various transmission parts inside the equipment every week, and do not add too much oil to avoid polluting materials. The conveyor belts of each conveyor are adjusted every week to ensure that the conveyor belts do not runoff.

2) When operating the equipment, remind each other to prevent personnel and equipment accidents caused by misoperation.

3) When cleaning the equipment, water is strictly prohibited from entering the electrical parts to avoid electric shock accidents and equipment accidents.

4) When operating the touch screen, you must be careful, you must operate it by hand, and disable other items instead of hand operation to avoid damage.

5) Every week, check whether the screws and transmission parts of the equipment are loose, and check whether the silo conveyor chain clamp ring is off.

6) During the operation of the machine, pay attention to whether the machine has abnormal noises and odors, and quickly turn off the power and report for repair.

Maintenance Work of Automatic Cartoning MachineCartoning machine repair

1) When inspecting and repairing the cartoning machine equipment, be sure to cut off the power supply and turn off the compressed air.

2) Check all transmission parts weekly to ensure that the transmission parts are not loose or abnormal.

3) Add lubricating oil to all transmission components in the chassis every week to ensure that the transmission of each component is flexible and no abnormalities. The main shaft and cam transmission parts should be greased.

4) Use compressed air to remove dust from the electrical control box every month, and fasten all wiring terminals, wipe the surface of the equipment and electrical appliances with a dry towel, and wipe the inside of the equipment chassis with cotton thread, so that there is no visible dust and dirt on the surface of the equipment, and the equipment appears True colors.

5) Check the switch button and emergency stop button every month to ensure that they work normally and effectively.

6) The lubricating oil of the reducer is replaced every 5000 hours of operation, specification: hyperbolic gear oil.

The automatic cartoning machine can realize the automation work, which can reduce a lot of work for the staff, because before there is no automatic cartoning machine, these tasks need to be operated manually, so an enterprise needs to arrange a lot of manpower to work , But we have to know that human speed and machine are completely incapable of comparing work, so after the production of the fully automatic cartoning machine, it has been welcomed by many people. The above is the description of the maintenance work of automatic cartoning machine.


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