Problems in the Use and Maintenance of High-speed Cartoning Machines

With the rapid development of industry and the increase in people’s demand, the demand for cartoning machinery and equipment has become increasingly obvious. In order to better ensure quality and safety, processing companies package the products. In the packaging process, there is often a process in which the product is put into the box and then sealed. Previously, this process mostly used manual boxing, which was slow and inefficient. The emergence of high-speed cartoning machines not only improves the efficiency of cartoning, but also avoids defects caused by manual operation and guarantees quality.

The high-speed cartoning machine uses the continuous glue box sealing technology of the hot melt glue machine, instead of manually applying glue to seal the box, only the carton containing the product is placed on the conveyor belt of the machine. The machine glues evenly, and the box is sealed cleanly and evenly. The speed can be adjusted from 1 to 120 boxes/min. Suitable for boxing products of various sizes. The packaging size of the machine’s sealed box and the position of the glue on the carton can be adjusted using the touch screen operation interface, fault prompts, automatic counting function, easy operation. The appearance is thick, made of 304 stainless steel, and the structure is firm and beautiful.

Maintenance issues of high-speed cartoning machine:

1. The debris on the surface of the high-speed cartoning machine needs to be cleaned;

2. The plastic particles in and around the nozzle opening need to be cleaned; the guide shaft on the fork of the carton and the sliding block of the push rod, the drive shaft on the shift lever and the connecting rod on the blade on the side of the carton are filled with a proper amount of silicone oil each time. Before refueling, remove the old oil to ensure the safe operation of the machine.

3. Turn off the power switch when the machine is not in use. In addition to daily cleaning and maintenance, the automatic transfer box machine should also be regularly maintained to more effectively extend the service life of the machine.

Problems in the use and maintenance of high-speed cartoning machinesFeatures of high-speed cartoning machine equipment:

Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, you can freely control the speed of the cabinet; Human-machine interface, the human body is designed to tilt 30°, and the operation is smooth;
The glue position of the hot melt carton and the size of the carton are adjustable.
Use a different carton to seal the box. It only takes 5 minutes to adjust the machine to change the carton size.

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