The Key Components of The Aluminum-plastic-aluminum Packaging Machine

Aluminum-plastic-aluminum packaging machine has become the mainstream of solid preparation packaging and has been widely used in the field of medicine. Does the user know about the machine parts of the aluminum-plastic-aluminum packaging machine? This article explains the structure of the machine in detail. The aluminum-plastic-aluminum packaging machine is mainly composed of unwinding part, heater, forming part, filling part, heat sealing part, pinching device, printing device, punching part, transmission system, body and air pressure, cooling, electrical control, frequency conversion speed regulation And other system composition.Jiade also provides other different types of packaging machines for the market.

The main system composition of the aluminum-plastic-aluminum packaging machine:

(1) Unwinding section. The plastic film and aluminum foil coils are fixed on the equipment, with compression, braking and axial position adjustment devices, and some are also equipped with cursor tracking devices.

(2) The heater of the aluminum-plastic-aluminum packaging machine. The heater uses electric heating to soften the hard plastic film for molding.

(3) Forming part. It consists of a forming roller (plate), a connecting valve plate, a vacuum (compressed air) system, a cooling water system, etc. The plastic film sheet that has been heated to plasticity is sucked (blown) into a smooth blister with a prescribed shape through a former.

(4) Filling part. The feeder fills tablets, capsules, etc. into the formed blister.

(5) Heat sealing part. It is composed of electric heating system, air pressure control and mechanical tension device, etc., so that the aluminum foil is sealed with the blister plastic film.

(6) Pinch device for aluminum-plastic-aluminum packaging machine. Complete the forward feeding of packaging materials.

(7) Printing device. Print the batch number and press out the tear line on the packaged board.

(8) Punching department. It consists of a main body, a crankshaft, a connecting rod, a guide post, a concave and convex mold, a retreat (compression) material plate and a frequency conversion speed regulation system. It is a die-cutting of the heat-sealed aluminum-plastic blister film into a specified size plate to complete the aluminum-plastic The latter process of the aluminum packaging machine. Due to the function of the frequency conversion speed regulation system, the number of punching can be set according to factors such as the length of the stroke.

(9) Body. It is used to support and fix various parts and systems. It is composed of a shell, a mounting panel and a welding base.

The aluminum-plastic-aluminum packaging machine is composed of the above nine main components.

aluminum-plastic-aluminum packaging machine

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