Universal functions of vertical cartoning machine

According to the structure of the machine, the cartoning machine can be divided into: vertical cartoning machine and horizontal cartoning machine.

The vertical cartoning machine has a wide range of uses and can fully meet the needs of different types of filling materials such as various medicines, food, cosmetics, skin care products, sports goods, hardware and electrical appliances. In view of its vertical cartoning characteristics, the vertical cartoning machine is suitable for boxing items that are easily damaged, more expensive, and the horizontal cartoning machine cannot meet its boxing requirements well.

The vertical cartoning machine is a high-tech product integrating light, electricity, gas and machine. It is suitable for automatic boxing of blister-shaped capsules, tablets, blister plates with aluminum-plastic packaging and similar items. The working process is the conveyance of medicine boards or articles (one board at a time can occupy multiple boards and adjustable).

Transmission of medicine instructions (automatic folding of 1-4 folds can be carried out); automatic forming and conveying of the carton, and the medicine board is folded together. At the same time, put the manuals into the carton; and complete the complicated packaging process such as automatic batch numbering and paper tongue sealing at both ends (the function of hot melt glue machine can be installed).

Universal functions of vertical cartoning machineThe vertical cartoning machine can automatically load medicines and instructions into the carton, and complete the box cover action, which saves a lot of labor costs when used in production. It also has additional functions such as sealing labels and heat shrinking bags.

This machine can form a packaging production line with blister packaging machine, pillow packaging machine, heat shrinkable film packaging machine, and three-dimensional transparent film packaging machine.

General functions of vertical cartoning machine:

1. It can automatically fold the manual and print the production batch number directly.

2. Adopt PLC control, touch screen operation, frequency converter speed control technology.

3. Multifunctional recognition system, which can eliminate multiple downtimes.

4. Automatic alarm prompts when there is a lack of books, materials, or boxes.

5. With overload protection and automatic shutdown function, it adopts modular structure and interchanges multiple specifications.

The automatic cartoning machine also has additional functions such as attaching sealing labels or performing heat shrink wrapping. The automatic cartoning machine feed is generally divided into three entrances: the manual entrance, the medicine bottle entrance and the machine package box entrance. The entire process from the machine package box feeding to the final packaging molding can be roughly divided into four stages: unboxing, opening, and filling , Close the lid.

The unloading action is usually a suction cup sucking a carton from the carton feed port and down to the main line of cartoning. The carton is fixed by a guide rail and a push plate is used to open the carton. After filling in the filling area, insert the tongue into the box and fasten the lock.

From life to production, any commodity needs perfect packaging, which not only helps distinguish it from other commodities, but also enhances the value of the commodity. The vertical cartoning machine can be used alone or in conjunction with other equipment.

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