Blister packing Machine is designed for packing the different products(tablets,the solid or soft gelatin capsules etc.)into blister.

BP-120 Small Blister Packing Machine is the best choice for R&D and pilot plant. It can form thermoplastic and cold forming material( Alu-Alu).

It adopts the touch screen control panel.
It has pneumatic drives, which lend it high robustness and low maintenance.

BP-120 Small Blister Packing Machine is flexible and allows the adding of a great variety of accessories and optional extras:
1.Cold forming
3.Extended feeding area
4.Inspection and rejecting control systems.
5.Print mark registration
6.Automatic feeder



1.It is specially designed for small size productions that require a high flexibility.
2.Its modular and compact concept optimizes the production in a small working area.
3.Main advantages of this machine are the simple operation and the high efficiency.
4.It allows forming thermoplastic and cold forming materials (Alu-Alu).
5.Automation by PLC and operation through touch screen control panel.
6.It has mechanical drives, which lend it high robustness and low maintenance


Technical Data BP-120
Speed Alu/PVC:Up to 40 Cycles/min

Alu/Alu:Up to 20 Cycles/min

Travel range 30-100mm
Max. Forming Area 120×90mm
Max. Forming depth 12mm  (20mm can be customized for option)
Forming foil PVC, PVC+PVDC, PVC/aclar, ALU-ALU.etc.
Total power 2.25 kw
Air volume flow ≥0.2m3/min
Air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Water consumption Water cycle 20L/ minutes
PVC specifications 0.25-0.5×130mm
PTP specifications 0.02-0.035×130mm
Dialysis paper 50-100g×130mm
Dimensions 2070×660×1052 mm
Weight 560kg

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