BP-150 Blister Packing Machine

Blister packing Machine is designed for packing the different products(tablets,the solid or soft gelatin capsules etc.)into blister.

BP-150 Small Blister Packing Machine is the best choice for R&D and pilot plant.

It adopts the touch screen control panel.

It is small and saving space, and simple operation and high efficiency.
The Blister Packing Machine also can be connected with the automatic packing machine in line.

BP-150 Small Blister Packing Machine is flexible and allows the adding of a great variety of accessories and optional extras:
1.Cold forming
3.Extended feeding area
4.Inspection and rejecting control systems.
5.Print mark registration
6.Automatic feeder



1.It is specially designed for small size productions that require a high flexibility.
2.Its modular and compact concept optimizes the production in a small working area.
3.Main advantages of this machine are the simple operation and the high efficiency.
4.It allows forming thermoplastic and cold forming materials (Alu-Alu).
5.Automation by PLC and operation through touch screen control panel.
6.It has mechanical drives, which lend it high robustness and low maintenance



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