Flat platen type forming and sealing, constant sealing
pressureand temperature ensure a perfect blister.
Heat forming and cold forming:
PVC, PVC+PVDC, PVC/aclar, PP, ALU-ALU.etc.
Easy changeover without tools


1.Variable frequency stepless speed regulation, servo traction, adjust the stroke of a key in place.
2.The stroke can be adjusted within 40-110mm, which is easy to adjust with correct synchronization.
3.Adopts plate-type mould, positive-pressure forming, featured by batch number printing,embossing and cutting,aluminum-foil/plastics automatic feeding, automatic alarm for broken-piece and finished-piece and automatic stop etc.
4.Equipped with one set general feeder,which filling percentage reaches 99.5 and above. The feeder is fitted with dust exhaust joint so can overcome the dust problem during feeding.(for tablets and capsule only)
5.Adopts registering matching heating so that can reduce the heat energy loss of heater to the least, and the required temperature will be greatly reduced.
6.This machine is small in size, light weight, compact in structure, easy operation and maintenance.



Technical Data BP-180
Speed Alu/PVC:Up to 50 Cycles/min

Alu/Alu:Up to 25 Cycles/min

Travel range 40-110mm
Max. Forming Area 160×110mm
Max. Forming depth 12mm  (20mm can be customized for option)
Forming foil PVC, PVC+PVDC, PVC/aclar, ALU-ALU.etc.
Total power 6 kw
Air volume flow ≥0.2m3/min
Air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Water consumption Water cycle 20L/ minutes
PVC specifications 0.25-0.5×180mm
PTP specifications 0.02-0.035×180mm
Dialysis paper 50-100g×180mm
Dimensions 3200×660×1500 mm
Weight 680kg

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