BP-260 Blister Packing Machine PVC ALU

BP-260 is specially designed for medium size productions that require a high flexibility.

Flat platen type forming and sealing, constant sealing
pressureand temperature ensure a perfect blister.
Heat forming and cold forming:
PVC, PVC+PVDC, PVC/aclar, PP, ALU-ALU.etc.
Easy changeover without tools
Up to 200 blisters/min(58×80mm)


1.Manufactured according to cGMP standards.
2.Servomotors ensure accurate and smooth web conveying and punching.
3.Photoelectric indexing control.
4.Easy and quick changeover without tools
5.AISI 304 Stainless Steel cover.
6.PLC controlled with Touch Screen Control Panel (HMI) for easy operation.
7.Electronically monitored individual temperature control for upper and
8.lower heating plates, high reliability to meet forming material characteristics.
9.Code embossing and slitting or perforation line.
10.Pneumatic clamp web indexing system.
11.Sturdy construction for prolonged durability.
12.Safety interlocked doors.
13.Raised output conveyor for easy cartoner integration.
14.Vision Checking System for inspection and detection of faulty blisters
15.with empty cavities, broken tablets, different
16.format, shape, … etc. by means of TV camera.
17.Universal or dedicated feeders ensure high feeding efficiency.
18.Double rolls system with joining table.



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