Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine

Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine: Maximizing Efficiency and Productivity

Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine: Maximizing Efficiency and Productivity

Our company is pleased to introduce the fully automatic horizontal cartoning machine, a new model crafted through the integration of advanced domestic and international technologies. This high-tech product seamlessly combines optical, electrical, pneumatic, and mechanical systems to enhance both performance and operational efficiency significantly. Designed to meet the demands for swift cartoning processes, it ensures stable and reliable functionality even during high-speed operations.

This series includes an automatic horizontal cartoning machine that operates intermittently, ideal for automatically inserting items like blisters, bottles, and bags into cartons. It supports various processes such as material detection, manual folding, carton formation, product insertion, batch number printing, and applying paper closures. The machine also features quality control by removing defective packages and integrates with finished product output functions.

Fully automatic horizontal packaging machines serve the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food sectors, handling different product formats like blisters, bottles, and sachets. Clients can choose from several models to meet specific needs, with standard machines reaching up to 120 boxes per minute. High-speed versions are available for higher production demands.

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Working Principle of Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine

Working Principle of Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine

The fundamental function of the horizontal cartoning machine involves guiding cartons towards the entrance of the cabinet via guardrails and push plates. Subsequently, these components collaborate to open the box, after which air pressure is utilized to lift and seal the bottom of the box. Thereafter, conveyor belts facilitate the precise alignment of cartons into the loading area.

In the product loading stage, a dynamic clamp organizes leaflets in each carton, which then moves to the packaging stages on a conveyor belt. After filling, a rotary mechanism precisely folds the flaps, and spray adhesive secures them. Following this, an automated system evaluates each carton’s integrity, separating the satisfactory ones from defective ones for further action.

Key Features

Well-known Brand Components

International famous brand of electrical component such as PLC touch screen, frequency inverters, etc.

Adopt human-machine operation system.

Aulormalically stop when machine is overload.

Automatically reject lacking of package product and leaflet.

Automatically display trouble, Alarrm and count finished products.

Stable performance,operation is easy.

Compact and Hygienic Design

This feature ensures quick and easy installation, making efficient use of open space and resources. The hygienic structure made of stainless steel provides contamination-free packaging and ensures the stability of these machines.

Packaging Efficiency

These machines achieve high production efficiency in a relatively short time and operate at high speeds so many cartons can be packed in a few minutes.

Packaging Accuracy

Manually loading products can be cumbersome, tiring, and time-consuming. By using these machines, you can relieve your employees from this arduous task. Using a horizontal cartoning machine can significantly reduce packaging error rates.

Flexible Product Handling

Multitasking is a great feature of horizontal cartoning machines; as these machines can pack multiple products in a single carton. Additionally, these machines can package a variety of goods and parts can be easily replaced.


Investing in horizontal cartoning machines is very profitable as these machines reduce the possibility of human errors in packaging, which is helpful for low-budget companies. These machines also reduce product waste, which also increases their profitability.

Easy to Operate

Horizontal cartoning machines are easy to operate and require little manual intervention. These are also available for a variety of packaging purposes and allow for quick replacement of parts. Compact design and easily removable components allow for trouble-free service and maintenance.

Easy to Operate

Application of Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine

A horizontal cartoning machine is a multifunctional piece of equipment designed to efficiently and automatically form, load and close cartons for a variety of products. Here are some common applications for automatic horizontal cartoning machines:

Pharmaceutical Industry

These machines serve a crucial function in the pharmaceutical industry by packaging a wide range of products, including ampoules, vials, blisters, strips, pills, and oral suspensions.

These machines also play a crucial role in preventing drug counterfeiting by incorporating anti-counterfeiting features inside the carton. These features are embossed, ensuring that the medicine cannot be removed without causing damage to the carton.

Food Industry

Horizontal cartoning machines can be used to pack a variety of food products such as desserts, milk powder, sugar, coffee, cereals and prepared foods in cartons. The main purpose of this type of packaging is to keep food fresh and prevent it from spoiling due to environmental factors. Food packaging is also critical to inhibiting microbial growth and preventing dust contamination.

Chemical Industry

The use of cartons for packaging chemicals ensures that these substances are not exposed to the environment in any detrimental manner. Cartons serve as a reliable container for various chemicals, such as fertilizers, paints, glues, detergents, lubricants, oils, and laboratory reagents. By employing cartons for safe transportation and delivery purposes, the integrity of these chemical products is preserved throughout the entire process.

Personal Hygiene Products Industry

Horizontal cartoning machines have a crucial role in the packaging processes of various personal care products, including soaps, lipsticks, dyes, sunscreens, dental care products, foundation, lotions, and more. These carton designs are not only visually appealing but also contribute to product safety.

Electrical Industry

In the electrical appliance industry, a range of products including batteries, plugs, flash drives, light bulbs, chargers, circuit breakers, and more are carefully packaged in cartons to ensure secure transportation to the market. The packaging will be labeled in English to ensure clear communication with consumers.

Stationery Industry

Stationery items such as pens, pencils, rulers, notepads, books, and staplers are securely packaged using a horizontal cartoning machine to ensure their safety. This process is conducted with great consideration for the protection of these items throughout their transportation and handling procedures.

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