Automatic Vertical Cartoning Machine

JDZ-120 Series Vertical Cartoning Machine

JDZ-120 Series Vertical Cartoning Machine

Our vertical cartoning machines are distinguished by their exceptional versatility and compact design. Key features include tool-free format conversion, fully automatic product loading, and user-friendly operation. These elements collectively enable impressive productivity rates of up to 120 cases per minute.

The automatic cartoning machine boasts advanced features such as real-time product preparation, accurate carton forming, complete product detection, instruction insertion, batch coding, and secure sealing options (including hot melt adhesive). It also includes an automated rejection system for quality control, ensuring efficient production of fully packaged cartons. Its versatility makes it ideal for packaging various items like glass bottles, pouches, tubes, and pallets, suitable for multiple packaging needs.

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Understanding the Vertical Cartoning Machine

Understanding the Vertical Cartoning Machine

The vertical cartoner machine is a high-efficiency packaging machine designed to automatically install, fill and seal cartons in a vertical orientation. Vertical cartoning machines are equipped with quality control features such as sensors and detectors to ensure the accuracy of the packaging process and detect missing products or carton defects.

Vertical cartoning machines are widely used in industries that require efficient, consistent packaging of retail or distribution cartons and are recognized for their space-saving design and high-speed operation. In operation, the machine removes flat cartons from a vertical feeder and places them into pockets on a carousel via a vacuum-driven rotary feeder.

The bottom flap of the carton is folded and sealed using various closure methods. In the loading area, products are loaded into cartons from both sides of the machine, either manually or automatically. Subsequently, the top flap is sealed and the completed carton is discharged from the machine. This simple process makes vertical cartoning machines indispensable for a variety of applications in the packaging industry.

Key Features

Internationally Acclaimed Electrical Components

At the heart of our Vertical Cartoning Machine lies an integration of cutting-edge electrical components, sourced from globally renowned brands. The inclusion of state-of-the-art PLC touch screens and frequency inverters ensures a robust and reliable system that forms the backbone of the machine’s advanced functionality. These internationally recognized components guarantee top-tier performance, contributing to the machine’s efficiency and durability.

User-Friendly Interface

Our vertical cartoning machine boasts a human-machine operation system designed with user-friendly controls and interfaces. This thoughtful design enhances overall operability, allowing operators to intuitively interact with the machine. By facilitating a seamless and efficient workflow, this feature contributes to an enhanced user experience and optimized productivity.

Automatic Overload Protection for Enhanced Safety

A pivotal safety feature of our machine is its automatic overload protection system. This crucial mechanism ensures that the machine automatically halts its operation when overloaded, mitigating the risk of potential damage to the equipment. By prioritizing safety, this feature safeguards both the machine itself and the operators, providing peace of mind during operation.

Precision Product Quality Assurance

Our machine is intelligently programmed to automatically reject packages lacking essential products and leaflets. This meticulous attention to detail significantly contributes to the production of high-quality, accurately packaged goods. By incorporating this feature, the machine upholds rigorous standards, ensuring the final output meets the desired specifications.

Real-Time Monitoring and Efficiency

The vertical cartoning machine offers real-time monitoring capabilities, automatically displaying issues, triggering alarms, and providing a precise count of finished products. This advanced functionality not only streamlines troubleshooting processes but also empowers operators to maintain optimal production efficiency. The combination of monitoring and automation enhances overall control and contributes to a smoother operational experience.

Stable Performance with Operational Ease

Characterized by stable performance, our vertical cartoning machine provides a reliable and consistent packaging solution. The emphasis on operational ease ensures that operators can efficiently manage and maintain the machine, contributing to overall productivity while reducing the likelihood of errors in the packaging process.

Stable Performance with Operational Ease

Outstanding Performance in Versatile Top-Load Applications

Vertical cartoners stand out for being particularly suitable for top-loading applications, excelling at handling loose or free-flowing products including pasta, rice, confectionery and powders. From pouches of cereal and yogurt bars to sticky dried fruits and vitamin bottles, vertical cartoning machines can efficiently and accurately fill a wide range of products into cartons.

Modular design ensures the vertical cartoner can seamlessly meet your needs today, tomorrow and into the future. Our focus on user-friendly design, combined with our expertise in filling and processing, guarantees easy installation and full functionality of the equipment.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to convert the equipment to a configuration suitable for various processes, such as loose fill, strip packaging or kit packaging, by adding or removing specific product and package handling capabilities.


  • Automotive & Hardware
  • Beauty & Cosmetic
  • Beverage & Liquid
  • Bulk & Food Service
  • Home Goods & Furniture
  • Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical
  • Pet Food

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