Blister Packaging Machine

Blister Packaging Machine, Simple Operation and High Output Packaging Solutions

Blister Packaging Machine, Simple Operation and High Output Packaging Solutions

Blister packaging involves forming a clear plastic film or sheet into a blister shape, which is then sealed using heat pressing or adhesive techniques to secure the product within the cavity created between the blister and the base material.

This product utilizes flat plate positive pressure technology for durable and consistent blister packaging, and includes roller mesh seals for enhanced reliability. It features batch numbering and creasing devices to improve efficiency and reduce material waste. Advanced automation capabilities also increase productivity and significantly cut packaging material usage.

Jiade’s blister machine utilizes cutting-edge servo drive technology for precise, quiet operation, offering fast production speeds and consistent performance. It features quick, easy mold changes and low maintenance costs, enhancing both efficiency and output rates for improved operational productivity.

Blister packaging machines are expertly crafted for the pharmaceutical sector, encapsulating a variety of products such as tablets, capsules, and various medications. Their adaptability also covers small hardware items, electronic components, medical devices, and similarly shaped food products.

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Operational Principle of Blister Packaging Machine

Operational Principle of Blister Packaging Machine

The blister packaging machine is primarily comprised of two essential components: the first delivers molding materials, while the second manages the transportation of sealing materials. These parts operate in coordination at matched speeds to facilitate material feeding efficiently.

The molding material is first heated in a chamber to a precise temperature suitable for the packaging type, softening it under controlled conditions. Heat is evenly distributed using upper and lower plates. The blister packaging machine then shapes the material using templates or compressed air to create specific cavities. Immediately after, the heated PVC is cooled to solidify these cavities into firm, usable forms.

The subsequent phase entails cavity inspection to verify that the product is fully encapsulated. The sealing process is essential, utilizing specific materials to ensure an airtight closure of the cavity. It is imperative that the entire surface is securely sealed, as following heat-sealing procedures necessitate high temperatures, which must not compromise the integrity or functionality of the product.

Following the sealing process, employ a printing device to inscribe essential product details such as the batch number and expiration date. Subsequently, place the packaged items onto cutting equipment for division into individual units.

Advantages of Blister Packaging

Helps Reduce Packaging Costs

The robust composition of blister packaging renders it highly suitable for diverse applications, including pharmaceuticals, electronic components, and toys.

It is widely recognized across industries utilizing this packaging method that it significantly diminishes the necessity for supplementary cartons, thereby facilitating substantial cost savings in packaging expenses.

Serving Size Dose

In medicine, it is quite important to keep a drug at a limited level and not let it increase from that level. The blister packer puts one portion, one portion of everything into each blister pack, which makes it very simple for people to use.

They basically open a package and use its contents to make sure they have the correct medication or nutrients in the formula. Equally important, you don’t have to measure your dose or worry about overdose.

Light Weight and Portable

The servo motor drive system features indexing and tool-less changeover technology for increased efficiency and convenience. With precise indexing capabilities, operators can achieve optimal accuracy and performance while reducing downtime.

Light Weight and Portable

Portability refers to the ease with which an item can be transported or moved, often influenced by its lightweight characteristics. This is a principle that blister packaging emphasizes. The aforementioned explanation aims to clarify this aspect for the readers of this article.

Blister packaging offers a convenient and space-saving solution for storing medications during travel or at home. Unlike bulky medicine bottles, blister packs are lightweight and compact, ensuring they occupy minimal space in luggage, thereby enhancing portability.

Secure Option

The pharmaceutical industry must mitigate potential risks to consistently deliver top-tier products, as complications arising from packaging deficiencies can significantly impact both the organization and its customers.

Blister packaging significantly enhances pharmaceutical safety through its fully automated process. This includes blister formation, medication encapsulation, sealing, precise trimming, and the inclusion of instructions. The loading of blister sheets and final carton sealing further secure and streamline the packaging of pharmaceutical products.

Can be Customized

Blister packaging offers a variety of customization opportunities, available in numerous configurations to suit diverse needs. The selection of materials and the design can be tailored based on specific dimensions or contours. Various forms of blister packaging exist, each suited to different requirements. For instance, the face-seal blister pack features a cardboard back with items securely housed within thermoformed plastic cavities.

Various Choices of Materials

In the realm of blister packaging, materials selection is crucial. Within pharmaceutical blister packaging applications, typically three to four different types of materials are utilized.

Various Choices of Materials

Wide Application of Blister Packaging Machine

Blister packaging offers several protective features including UV resistance, waterproofing, and barrier properties. It is specifically designed to provide enhanced protection against impacts, collisions, and scratches.

UV Protection: The transparency levels of blister packs are meticulously regulated to control ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure. Metalized PVC is utilized in the packaging design, effectively blocking all UV radiation and significantly extending the shelf life of perishable products.

Waterproof: Thermoformed polymer shields the contents within from exposure to water, hookah smoke, or various other liquids. However, the overall waterproof integrity of the package also hinges on the type of backing utilized. Should the blister packaging incorporate a paper-based sheet as its backing material, the resistance to water will be negligible.

Barrier performance: Blister packaging offers excellent oxygen barrier and moisture prevention properties. These protective qualities are enhanced as additional polymer layers are incorporated during the manufacturing process of the blister pack.

Tamper-evident: Blister packaging presents challenges in terms of reusability. Once opened, these packages cannot be effectively sealed again. Additionally, the design of blister packs often requires cutting for access due to their secure sealing methods, which also contributes to difficulties in opening them.

Enhanced protection against impact and abrasions: Blister packaging provides robust security for contents, safeguarding against drops and incidental impacts. The durable outer polymer layer offers additional defense against scratches, ensuring item integrity.

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