Film Bunding Machine

The Compact and Versatile Bundling Machines

The Compact and Versatile Bundling Machines

The strapping machine is a specialized packaging device designed for the application of polyethylene film, making it ideal for packaging operations that necessitate the use of thicker films. This machine employs PE strapping film to automatically package boxed products with efficiency and reliability. It offers versatility in packaging formats, capable of handling both single and multiple stacks of boxes.

This equipment features advanced functionalities including automatic counting, palletizing, and packaging processes. It seamlessly integrates with high-speed cartoning machines, enhancing operational productivity suitable for diverse industrial applications.

Our strapping machine features a contemporary ‘balcony-style’ aesthetic, incorporating a robust pure aluminum frame and full servo drive system. It delivers consistent operational efficiency with capabilities reaching up to 35 bundles per minute. This equipment is the optimal choice for mid-sized bale packaging solutions, effectively replacing conventional mid-sized boxing methods.

Designed to ensure flexibility and durability, our automatic strapping machine excels in securing trays or beverage packs. Its user-friendly control panel enhances ease of use, promoting efficient operation. The versatility of this machine makes it an essential tool across various sectors including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, cosmetics, and financial services.

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How Film Bundling Machines Work?

How Film Bundling Machines Work?

Film strapping machines are used to securely package products in stretch or shrink film for shipping and distribution. These machines work by automatically wrapping products in film and sealing the edges to form a tight bundle.

A general overview of how a film strapping machine works is: the product is placed on a conveyor belt or in the loading area of the machine, the film strapping machine dispenses a roll of stretch film or shrink film and then pulls it around the product via a rotating arm or roller.

Next, the film is wrapped around the product multiple times to form a secure bundle, and after the product is completely wrapped, the machine seals the edges of the film through heat or adhesive. The wrapped bales are then discharged from the machine onto a conveyor or packaging area for further processing or transportation..

Advantages of Film Bundling Machines

Improved Product Protection

Film strapping machines ensure products are securely wrapped in protective film, reducing the risk of damage during transportation or storage.


Shrink-wrapped products are easier to handle and transport because they connect together and don’t take up much space.

Cost savings

By automating the bundling process, companies can reduce the labor required to package products. This saves costs in terms of labor and time.

Customizable Packaging Options

Film strapping machines can be programmed to accommodate different package sizes and shapes, allowing for customizable packaging options based on specific product requirements.


Film strapping machines can be used on a variety of products, including boxes, pallets, and other items. This adaptability makes them a versatile packaging solution for a variety of industries.

Improve Efficiency

Film strapping machines are designed to wrap products in protective film quickly and efficiently. This helps streamline the packaging process and improve overall productivity.

Enhanced Appearance

Using a film strapping machine can improve the overall appearance of your packaged products, making them look more professional and uniform. This helps enhance your brand image and attract customers.

Enhanced Appearance

Application of Film Bundling Machines

Film strapping machines are widely used in various industries to bundle products such as boxes, packages, bottles and various other items together. They are designed to effectively wrap a variety of products with stretch film to ensure they are protected during shipping and storage. Here are some common applications:

Food Industry

Film strapping machines are widely used in the food industry to package items such as fresh produce, baked goods, frozen foods, and snacks. These machines ensure proper sealing and protection from external contaminants, maintaining food freshness and hygiene.

Beverage Industry

Bottles, cans and other beverage containers are often strapped together using film strapping machines. This method of packaging provides stability during shipping and handling, prevents damage and ensures product integrity.

Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

Items such as shampoo bottles, cosmetic containers, and skin care products are packaged using film strapping machines to enhance their appearance and prevent tampering. Shrink wrapping ensures that these products remain pristine and attractive to consumers.


Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies require safe and sterile packaging. Film strapping machines are used to package pharmaceutical bottles, blister packs and other medical products, maintaining their integrity and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Household Products

Various household products such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, kitchen utensils, etc. can be bundled using film packaging. This approach facilitates easier handling and storage for both manufacturers and consumers.

Industrial Goods

Parts, spare parts and industrial supplies are often packaged using film strapping machines to protect them from damage during storage and transportation. These machines can handle products of various shapes and sizes, providing versatile packaging solutions.

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