High-Speed Automatic Cartoning Machine

High-Speed Automatic Cartoner,Automated and Precision Packaging Solutions

High-Speed Automatic Cartoner,Automated and Precision Packaging Solutions

Our high-speed automatic cartoning machines cater to customers with larger production requirements, often seamlessly integrated with blister packaging systems.

Specifically designed for high-volume applications such as frozen and processed foods, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, rice, and more, Jiade’s high-speed cartoning machines ensure optimal performance and reliability while adhering to budget constraints. Offering versatility, our high-speed cartoning machines can be customized with various options, including serialization, integration with factory software, and the adaptation to unique carton shapes and sizes.

With an impressive top speed of up to 260 cartons per minute, these machines effortlessly handle tasks ranging from manual folding, unpacking, and boxing to batch number printing and sealing, ensuring an efficient and streamlined packaging process.

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The Operational Principle of High-Speed Cartoning Machines

The Operational Principle of High-Speed Cartoning Machines

The operational approach of high-speed cartoning machines may vary slightly depending on the specific model in use. In general terms, the fundamental operation involves precisely positioning empty cartons at designated locations, utilizing push plates and guide rails to aid in the accurate opening and folding of cartons into the desired shape. Within the loading zone, the machinery adeptly loads products into cartons, employing a mechanism tailored to the particular model. Following this, the carton advances to the folding region, where a secure lock is established through rotational movement and push plate manipulation. The final step involves tongue insertion in the sealing area. Prior to cartons entering the loading zone, the machine conducts a thorough check to ensure the accurate loading of products and the integrity of the cartons.

Key Features

Impressive Throughput

High-speed cartoning machines are engineered for efficiency, boasting impressive throughput rates to meet the demands of large-scale production.

Seamless Integration

These machines seamlessly integrate with other packaging systems, such as blister packaging machines, ensuring a streamlined and synchronized production process.

Versatility in Applications

Designed to accommodate a variety of high-volume products, from frozen and processed foods to pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, these machines offer versatility in handling diverse applications.

Customization Options

High-speed cartoners come with customizable options, allowing for adaptations such as serialization, factory software integration, and the ability to handle various carton shapes and sizes.

Automated Tasks

The machines excel in automation, capable of automatically completing tasks such as manual folding, unpacking, boxing, batch number printing, and sealing, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Impressive Speeds

With top speeds reaching up to 260 cartons per minute, these machines ensure rapid and efficient packaging, contributing to enhanced productivity.

Reliability and Performance

Engineered for reliability, high-speed cartoning machines deliver consistent and high-performance results, meeting the stringent requirements of modern production environments.

Reliability and Performance

Application of High-Speed Cartoning Machine

Highly regarded for its unparalleled flexibility, high-speed cartoning systems find widespread application across diverse industries, providing efficient, precise, and reliable packaging solutions. Let’s delve into their pivotal roles across key sectors:

Food and Beverage Industry

Integral to food and beverage production, these machines adeptly address packaging needs for frozen foods, cereals, and bottled beverages. Their rapid and precise capabilities meet the industry’s demands for consistent high output.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry

In pharmaceuticals and healthcare, high-speed cartoning machine automate the assembly of medicines, medical devices, and health supplements. Their speed and reliability ensure the secure packaging of products.

Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

Efficiently serving the cosmetics and personal care sector, expertly package items like perfumes, cosmetics, and skincare products with precision.

Home and Cleaning Products

Playing a pivotal role in the production of home and cleaning items,  automate the packaging process for detergents and cleansers, enhancing overall productivity.


Widely employed in electronic manufacturing, these machines streamline the packaging of electronic products, ensuring the integrity of sensitive components.

Automotive and Hardware

Instrumental in the high-speed packaging of automotive components and hardware products, these machines significantly contribute to increased production efficiency.

Retail Packaging

Adaptable to the dynamic retail landscape, high-speed cartoning machiens efficiently package a variety of goods, responding swiftly to market demands.

Food Service and Takeout

Employed for rapid and efficient packaging of food items, they play a crucial role in supporting the operations of the takeout and food service industry, ensuring optimal efficiency.

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