Overwrapping Machine

Overwrapping Machine: Suitable for Various Product Shapes

Overwrapping Machine: Suitable for Various Product Shapes

A wrapping machine is an advanced packaging device designed to enclose products in a pliable material, such as film or paper, effectively sealing its sides and ends. These machines exhibit remarkable versatility, accommodating an array of product shapes, making them applicable across diverse sectors including food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

The wrapping machine not only enhances the product’s aesthetic appeal but also serves as a deterrent against theft and contamination from dust. Due to its versatility and adaptability, overwrapped packaging is extensively employed across multiple industries. Moreover, our machines offer customization options including thermal packaging and moisture-proof sealing, which safeguard the contents of the package while simultaneously improving the product’s visual allure—making it more appealing to consumers.

Jiade Packaging provides an extensive selection of overwrapping machines designed to meet various operational requirements and assist in achieving your business and production objectives. We are eager to assist you in selecting the most appropriate product that aligns with your specific needs.

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How Overwrapping Machine Work?

How Overwrapping Machine Work?

The wrapped product moves through a genuine film, typically overlapping and heat-sealed or directly attached to the substrate. The system includes a packaging mechanism, a transport unit for handling items, and a roll of packaging material ready for labeling. It also features an adhesive application device and sometimes a counting mechanism to maintain production accuracy.

Accordingly, based on the design of the external packaging machinery, products are packaged either on a carousel or in a linear arrangement. This packaging process is defined by the intermittent transition of items from one component of the packaging system to another.

The wrapping machine precisely trims the packaging film to a length that satisfies the specified packaging criteria using an integrated cutter. Small packaging boxes are conveyed via a conveyor belt, while a pneumatic cylinder positions the stacks according to predetermined configurations and quantities. Subsequently, the film is meticulously folded to create a medium-sized package.

The Jiade packaging series features highly efficient wrapping machines with over 95% efficiency. Designed for precision, these machines handle both single large cartons and multi-carton setups, including vertical or stacked configurations. They are versatile for use across multiple industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, tea, and tobacco.

Why You Need an Overwraping Machine?

Improve inventory control

Effective inventory management is significantly enhanced by organizing similar products together. Implementing robust packaging systems can ensure both security and consistency across your production lines, thereby facilitating the flexible enhancement of your inventory control processes as required.

Improve speed and efficiency

Wrappers can significantly enhance packaging efficiency, providing a competitive advantage by allowing businesses to better serve their customers’ needs.

Reduce labor requirements

The advanced functionality of the outer packaging machine enables optimal performance in minimal time. This equipment is designed to operate independently, integrating various packaging-related tasks, thereby reducing the need for manual labor.

Low risk of injuries and accidents

Utilizing a packaging machine enhances safety for operators, ensuring a 99% reduction in the risk of injury associated with its operation. This equipment is designed to significantly decrease the likelihood of accidents during use.

Reduce operating costs

The primary advantage of utilizing an overwrapper is the substantial reduction in operating expenses it offers.

Protect your goods from dust, moisture and damage

Packaging significantly enhances product longevity by safeguarding items against dust, moisture, and potential damage. This ensures that products maintain their quality and usability over an extended period.

Protect your goods from dust, moisture and damage

Overwrapping Machine

Film strapping machines are used in a variety of industries and applications to package and protect products in the form of shrink wrap strapping. Some common applications for film strapping machines include:

Pharmaceutical industry

This instrument is widely used by most pharmaceutical industries. It is one of the assembly line equipment necessary to package products before they are finally put on the market.

Food processing

This is another area where the use of such devices is common. In most cases, food processing companies use this machine as it helps ensure that packaging meets the required standards. It also helps ensure that the packaging is attractive, thus ensuring good sales to consumers.


Most chemical manufacturing companies also use this type of machine to seal their products. Most chemicals are always considered hazardous, so make sure they are packaged in good condition.

Industrial packaging

Many of the industrial products you need are often packaged for a variety of reasons. Extended shelf life, attractiveness, protection against damage, etc. are just a few of the reasons. In fact, such machines are being used by some industries that require products to be packaged accordingly..

Electronics and technology

Film bundling machines are utilized in the electronics industry to package items like computer components, batteries, and small electronic devices. Bundling helps to prevent damage and ensure the safe transport of delicate products.

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