JD-FW-300C Flowpacks Packaging Machine

The JD-FW-300CFlowpacks Packaging Machine is mainly used for bag packaging of aluminum-plastic packaging in the pharmaceutical, food and other industries. It plays a role of moisture-proof, dust-proof and light-proof, and at the same time improves the product level And the added value, the use of this machine can save more than 20% of the cost compared with manual bag packaging, and it can be linked to production with aluminum-plastic packaging machines, cartoning machines, heat shrink packaging machines and other machinery.

the Flow Wrapping Machine is widely used, and alway link with the cartoning machine.

flow packing cartoner solution

Technical indicators of  Flowpacks Packaging Machine for multi product:

The main technical parameters JD-FW-300C Flowpacks Packaging Machine
Bag size L(65-190)×W(30-110)×H(5-40)mm
Length of vertical and horizontal sealing (350-80)×(200-70)×(120-20)mm (L×W×H)
Production capacity >15 N/mm²
Maximum film width 30-100packs/min
Power 250mm
Machine weight AC220V 50HZ 2.4KW
Sealing temperature 800kg
Dimensions 3780×640×1560mm

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