Multi-roll fabrics are stacked and unloaded, and are transported by roller →fixed-length cutting and conveying of the nose bridge bone→welding and edge banding by ultrasonic welding machine→double head earband ultrasonic welding mechanism welding earbang → plastic folding mechanism folding → folding forming ultrasonic welding → automatic leveling, cutting, forming, waste collection → line discharge

1.Folding Mask are produced by the complete automatic assembly line.
2.Automatically install the nose bridge, edge banding, forming welding.
3.Cut ear straps and ultrasonic welding.
4.Automatic folding, welding, cutting, leveling and shipping.

Folding Mask are produced by the complete automatic assembly line


Main technical parameters JD-KM95
Mask Type KN95
Capacity 100pcs/min
Machine dimension(L*W*H) 6500x1500x1800mm
Power 3kw

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