JDZ-100D Horizontal Cartoning Machine

JDZ-100D Horizontal Cartoning Machine adopts PLC control. The photoelectric monitors the actions of various parts, and if there is an abnormality during operation, it can automatically stop and display the reason, so as to eliminate the fault in time.Advantages of JDZ-100D Horizontal Cartoning Machine: High efficiency and labor saving.

JDZ-100D Horizontal Cartoning Machine is suitable for packing sachet, condon, stick and so on. The feeding head quantity is depended on the packing quantity for per carton. On line sachet feeding and detecting , leaflet fold (1-4folds) and feeding, leaflet detecting, canton opening and forming, products and leaflet pushing into carton, printing batch number, sealing carton with tuck-in or hot melt glue device.

The main drive motor and clutch brake are installed inside the frame, and each part of the transmission system torque overload protector is installed on the machine board. Under overload conditions, the main drive motor can be separated from each transmission part to ensure the complete machine Safety.

Automatically reject lacking of leaflet or product and finished product out. The machine can be single used or linked with blister packing machine, shrink machine, overwrapping machine, bundling machine etc.

JDZ-100D Horizontal Cartoning Machine Features:

1.Conforms to cGMP standards CE Marked
2.International famous brand of electrical component such as PLC touch screen, frequency inverters, etc.
3.The feeding head quantity is depended on the packing quantity for per carton.
4.Adopt human-machine operation system.
5.Automatically stop when machine is overload.
6.Automatically reject lacking of package product and leaflet.
7.Automatically display trouble, Alarm and count finished products.
8.Stable performance, operation is easy.
9.Options: ink jet printer, hot melt glue device, bar code reader.



JDZ-100D Horizontal Cartoning Machine

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