JDZ-120/BT-250 Condom Cartoning Machine for Five Sachet

Automatic Condom cartoning machine is suitable for condoms. Automatic feeding, boxing and wrapping of bag-like items such as pellet bags, soft double aluminum, plasters, band-aids, facial masks, coffee bags, etc. Online material inspection, manual folding (1 to 4 times folding) and transmission, carton suction forming and transmission, material entering the box, imprinting batch number, paper tongue packaging at both ends of the carton (also suitable for hot melt adhesive missing material removal and finished products The whole process of output is done automatically.

Features of Condom cartoning machine:

1.PLC automatic control system, frequency conversion speed regulation, electrical components adopt internationally renowned brands.

2. Adopts man-machine interface operating system.

3. Automatically stop when the machine is overloaded.

4. Automatically reject cartons that lack packaging and instructions.

5. Fault display, alarm and finished product count.

6. Stable performance, easy operation and easy to understand.


Picture of Condom cartoning machine:

automatic condom packaging production line

The main technical parameters Condom cartoning machine
Bag feeding speed 1-12 bags [depending on the size of the bag]
Packing speed 30-120 boxes/min
Carton Quality requirements 250-350g/m² [depending on the size of the carton]
Size range (65-150)mm×(35-85)mm×(12-45)mm
Manual Quality requirements 60-70g/m²
Unfolded size range (80-250)mm×(90-170)mm
Folding range [1-4]Fold
Compressed air Work pressure ≥0.6Mpa
Air consumption 200-240L/min
power supply 220V 50Hz
main motor power 0.75kw
Dimensions 2880mm×1140mm×1800mm
Net weight of whole machine About 1500kg
The main technical parameters BT-250
Productivity 20-80 packs/min
Package Size (40-200)*(30-140)*(10-50)mm
power supply 220V 50Hz
Motor Power 0.75Kw
Electric heating 4Kg
Dimensions 2400*800*1700mm(L*W*H)
weight 880Kg

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