JDZ-260 Blister Cartoning Machine Continuous Motion

The JDZ-260 Continuous Motion Blister  Cartoning Machine

Blister Cartoning Machine is mainly packing the differnt size blisters into the cartons.

Widly used by the Pharmaceutical companies with high production requirement. Mostly the blister cartoning  machine will connect with blister packing machine, the speed can be up to 260 cartons/min. It only takes 45min to change one size to another, and the blister cartoning machine can be adopt with GUK leaflet folding device which will be more stable.

The auotomatic blister feeding device can count the quantity of the blister, and when lack of the blister, the inspection device will check and reject it, if no blister feeded, the machine will not suck the carton and leaflet. The machine can enclose the carton by tuvk-in or by hot melt glue. Customer can choose differnet brand of hot melt glue device such as Nordson, Robatech, Meler and so on. If customer need the inkjet printer, we also can adopt it with the machine.

JDZ-260 canrtong machine is , a high-performance product integrating machine, light, electricity, and gas, and can be combined with other matching to form a packaging production line.

A cartooning machine, at times referred to as a cartoner, is one of the types of pharmaceutical packaging machines.

A cartoning machine makes cartons that stand upright, are folded, closed, side-seamed, and then, finally sealed.

  • No product no suck leaflet, no leaflet no suck carton.
  • Less load or no load product from magazine, machine empty run.
  • Less cartons on carton magazine, alarm and delay stop machine time automatically.
  • No suck leaflet continuous many times, machine stop automatically.
  • Compress air and vacuum negative pressure too low, machine stop with alarm
  • Posterior pusher make operating more convenient.
  • Quick and easy changeover different size by handwheel though dial plate scale
  • Main drive with overload protection device
  • Includes Servo drive loading system
  • Electrical and pneumatic components are famous international brand
  • Automatic display speed,fault alarm and counter on touch screen

Application scope of High Speed Continuous Blister Cartoning Machine

Aluminum-plastic blister board, ointment, pill tray, soft double aluminum, bag-like items and similar items.

DPH-260S/JDZ-260 Blistering and Cartoning Packaging Line--

The main technical parameters JDZ-260 High Speed Blister Cartoning Machine
Packing speed 260 boxes/min
Carton Quality requirements 250-350g/m² [depending on the size of the carton]
Size range (70-180)mm×(35-80)mm×(14-50)mm
Manual Quality requirements 60-70g/m²
Unfolded size range (80-250)mm×(90-170)mm
Folding range 【1-4】Fold
Compressed air Work pressure ≥0.6Mpa
Air consumption 160-200L / min
power supply 380V 50Hz
main motor power 5kw
Dimensions 4800mm×1600mm×1860mm
Net weight of whole machine 3000kg

Note: The data is subject to change without notice

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