JDZ-260LZ Automatic Flow-pack Cartoning Machine In line

JDZ-260LZ Automatic Flow-pack Cartoning Machine In line is suitable for (pillow packaging bags) items to be fully automated on-line boxing. Online automatic feeding (aluminum-plastic panels), inspection, aluminum film wrapping, missing packing and elimination, pillow bag automatic transfer and feeding, manual folding and transmission, carton forming, material entering, batch number embossing, carton Encapsulation, waste rejection, finished product output and product calculation are all automatically completed.

jiade-flow packing solution 1

Parameter of JDZ-260LZ Automatic Flow-pack Cartoning Machine In line:

Term          project Reference               number
zui high boxing speed 260 boxes / minute
Paper   Box Quality requirements 250-350g/ ㎡【Depending on the size of the carton】
Size range ( L×W×H ) ( 70-180 ) mm× ( 35-80 ) mm× ( 14-50 ) mm
Says Ming book Quality requirements 60-70g/ ㎡
Unfolded size range ( L×W ) ( 80-250 )㎜ × ( 90-170 )㎜
Folding range ( L×W ) 【 1-4 】Fold
Compressed air Work pressure ≥ 0.6mpa
Air consumption About 160 -200L/min
Power      source 380V 50HZ
Total power 5 kw
Overall dimensions ( L×W×H ) 4800 ㎜ ×1600 ㎜ ×1860 ㎜
Net weight of whole machine About 3000kg

Note: The data is subject to change without notice

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