DPH-260-JDZ-260 Tablet&Capsule Blistering and Cartoning Packaging Production line


The DPH-260-JDZ-260 Capsule/Tablet Blister Cartoning Line can be widely used for packing different size of capsule, tablet and solid products(Alu-PVC/Alu-Alu) blister packing and cartoning. Can be connected with weighing machine, strapping machine, carton packer and other equipment, thus formed a complete automatic packaging production line.



  • Machine with GMP and cGMP standard,adopts PLC control system, servo motor drive control.
  • Equipped camera detection, lack of material testing, to ensure the passing rate of finished products.
  • Uses the safety cover protection devices to ensure operator safety.
  • Machine can be separated to some parts,order easy move into the elevator and clean room.
  • Optional:Aluminum foil online printing system(HAPA Aluminum foil printer).
Main Technical Parameters of DPH-260 Blister Packing Machine
Max. Punch Frequency 150 Stoke/min(or 8.8m)
Max. Forming depth 14mm
Max. Forming area 180×250mm(L×W)
Standard PVC hard sheet (0.25-0.35)×260mm
Standard PTP Aluminum foil 0.02×260mm
PVC roll diameter(OD) ﹤φ380mm
PTP roll diameter(OD) ﹤φ260mm
PVC & PTP hole diameter of roll φ68-75mm
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 3550×1100×1950mm
Total power 24kw 380V/50Hz (according to customer’s requirement)
Main Technical Parameters of JDZ-260 Carotning Machine
Encasing speed 260 boxes /min
Box Quality requirement 250-350g/㎡【Base on carton size】
Dimension range(L×W×H) (70-180)mm×(35-80)mm×(14-50)mm
Leaflet Quality requirement 60-70g/㎡
Unfolded leaflet specification (80-250)mm×(90-170)mm
Fold range 【1-4】Fold
Compressed air Working pressure ≥0.6mpa
Air consumption 160-200L/min
Power supply 380V  50HZ
Main motor power 5kw
Machine dimension(L×W×H) 4800mm×1600mm×1860mm
Machine weight 3000kg

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