JDZ-120 Vertical Blister Cartoning Machine

JDZ-120 Vertical Blister Cartoning Machine is  a type of packaging machine that specially for packing the blister or similar product. It consists of direction folding (1-4folds) and automatic blister feeding equipment, cardboard case forming and feeding, batch number printing, sealing of case tongues at both ends etc. The whole encasing process is finished automatically. It can be added hot-glue machine.

JDZ-120-Cartoning Machine for Blister

JDZ-120 Vertical Blister Cartoning Machine Features:

1.Conforms to cGMP standards CE Marked
2.With the feeding device for blister and
3.International famous brand of electrical component such as PLC touch screen, frequency inverters, etc.
4.Adopt human-machine operation system.
5.When machine is overload, it will automatically stopped.
6.It will automatically reject lacking of package product and leaflet.
7.It will automatically display trouble, Alarm and count finished products.
8.Fully adjustable throughout size range with digital position indicators
9.Stable performance, operation is easy.



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